I will fight for an America that fights for you.

Hi, I’m Steven Knight Griffin. I’ve spent over 20 years of my life in Georgia’s 6th Congressional district. I’m proud to announce my candidacy for Congress, and prouder still to have a platform to amplify every voice in the district.

I’ve worked in both the public and private sectors in nearly equal measure, with jobs ranging from the civil service to management consulting. Each experience taught me something about myself. I also discovered that there are lessons government can teach business, and lessons business can teach government. I can’t wait to put those experiences to work for the people of the 6th district.

Although I had the fortune to live in an area with excellent public schools, my experience growing up was very different than those of most of my classmates. I remember living through very real and regularly recurring threats of foreclosure and eviction from our family home, and periodically wondering where we’d find the money to eat and keep the lights on. This kind of thinking is a heavy burden for an adult – so it should come as no surprise that it took a toll on me as a child and a teenager. Though I worked hard and am proud of my accomplishments, I now realize there were two things that prevented me from spiraling into the cycle of poverty that consumes many of our fellow citizens – my education and the sheer luck of random opportunity and good health. Not everyone is so lucky, and so I strive to carry the torch for those who feel society has forgotten or abandoned them, to deliver a message both emphatic and clear: you matter, and as Americans, we’ll struggle through to a better future. Together.

For more information on my specific policy proposals, please visit stevenknightgriffin.com/policy.

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